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  Exports by Ocean Freight—[Ocean Going Triangular Trade]
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Ocean-going line for triangle trade provides global services, including CY & CFS from Mainland China to the world, business agency and logistic operation.

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1.The main scope of the Line covers FCL and LCL services of exports from the regions outside Taiwan to the rest of the world.
2.Main services include the exports from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Europe and the United States to the rest of the world. One-stop service of FCL trailers in Hong Kong and Mainland China, of LCL delvery, and of declaration operations.
3.Panda owns its branches globally, including Hong Kong, the Mainland China, Vietnam, Malaysia and the United States, and, therefore, is able to provide a good and comprehensive service to its customers.
4.Open containers are regularly transported to Los Angeles, New York, and five major ports in Europe, Dubai in the Middle East, India, Australia, and regions in Central and South America and Mediterranean.