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Dear Customer,
Thank you very much for your support and care to “Panda International Logistics”. We assume that it is our duty to provide the all-around professional service to our customer. And it is our goal to meet customer’s satisfaction. In order to upgrade our service, we are now carrying out “Survey on Customers’ Satisfaction. We need your valuable suggestions, which shall definitely improve our services greatly in the future. Please take your time to fill in the following forms. Your cooperation and view will contribute to Panda’s growth and Progress. Thank you!

Ⅰ. Judgment on the performance of Panda’s Sales Representatives:
1. Satisfied with the ability to deal with issues and experience
2. Quick response to customer’s consults and calling back fast
3. Better professionalism in solutions, compared with Panda’s competitors
4. Fulfillment of the promise
5. Good ability to cope with customer’s complaints
Ⅱ. Your Satisfaction with Panda’s OP/File:
1. Polite and Cordial with delicate service
2. Panda’s OP and file personnel answering the phone call in three rings and answering politely
3. Correct answer or good solution to my problems
4. Always speedy providing of shipping order or air flight notice
5. Accuracy and timeliness of freight files produced by Panda
Ⅲ. Comprehensive Satisfaction with Panda:
1. Satisfaction with the speed of issuing the bill of lading
2. Prompt calling-back to me, when required.
3. Convenient switch to the personnel in charge on the phone
4. Smooth telephone line, and easy access.
5. Good service attitude of Panda’s foreign agent.
6. Speeding withdrawal of Panda’s foreign agent
1. Region where you frequently contact Panda or you make your shipment (please, Tick √)

A.Exports by Ocean Freight B.Import by ocean freight C.Export by air freight D:Import by air freight

Near-sea Line:South-east Asia Japan & South Korea Hong Kong Central & North China South China Near-sea Triangle Trade

Ocean-going Line:The United States Europe & Mediterranean Central & South America Middle East Ocean-going Triangle Trade

2. Your suggestions to Panda’s comprehensive service
(such as the prospect to Internal Contractor, OP File, Sales)

3. I’d like to make more suggestions….For them, please note briefly.

4.Personal Data:

Sex Male Female
Company Name
Tel Extension
Your guidance is the inspiration of Wanda to constantly upgrade the service quality. Thank you!