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  Exports by Ocean Freight—[South China]
Service Regions

Transshipment service in Fujian Province and Guangdong Province, including Xiamen, Mawei and transshipment to Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Macao, Taiping and Rongqi via Hong Kong and Futian.

South ChinaSpecials

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1.One-stop logistics services between Mainland China and Hong Kong, our branches (located in Guangzhou, Chang’an, Fenggang, Shenzhen, Futian, Xiamen, Quanzhou and Fuzhou) offer you efficient and professional services.
2. Transit and feeder services are available in the west of the Pearl River, including general containers, special containers and bulk cargo.
3.Single-point LCL in Xiamen and Mawei and multiple-point transfer service at the west Pier of the Pearl River.
4.Hong Kong - China delivery service/Fujian land delivery services covering Guangdong Province and Fujian Province. Our vehicle fleet, boast a large number of carriers, together with an intensive sailing schedule provides prompt transfer and is well trusted by customers.
5.Ocean-freight in Fujian/Guangdong---offering port-to-port services and door-to-door services in Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Huangpu, Rongqi, Foshan, Xiamen and Mawei. Delivery services for flat containers, open-top containers and bulk cargos are also offered.
6. Consolidation of Single-point LCL---offering single-point LCL services for the direct transportation between Xiamen and Mawei and in Taiping and Futian, and transfer distribution at over 30 piers along the west bank of the Pear River